Not only does society and the media emphasize the importance of thinness, but they also convey that youthfulness is key to beauty. Cosmetic companies are continuously inventing and advertising products that can help to reverse or delay the unfavorable, natural process we call aging.

Instead of seeing wisdom and loveliness in their wrinkles, many women see ugliness and the inevitable passing of time. How can our culture look down upon something that is so innate to human nature? Growing older is something that should be celebrated, not something that we all try — and fail — to avoid. A 55-year-old woman may not have the traditional beauty of youth, but she is beautiful still. It’s amazing the lengths that people will go to try and look younger.

For example, why not just buy an $180 dollar “Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging” cream? In the article “America’s Obsession with Youth Explored,” Bridget Webber describes how America’s fixation with youthful appearances must have deeper meanings than just being afraid of getting older and dying. She notes how if people were just afraid of growing old, they wouldn’t try to look 20 years younger every day.  Obviously, it is the physical aspects of youth that our society values as beautiful.


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