How can we live up to fake standards?

It seems to be common knowledge that photos of models in advertisements and magazines are edited, but who decided that creating a perfect, fake, and unattainable body through technology was a good idea? Why would we set impossible standards for everyone? Obviously the women in these images with their flawless skin, hair, and bodies are not real.  The effects of these fake women on real women are definitely something our society needs to look at. The following article describes a study done in the UK that surveyed 517 women from ages 16-54. They found that 53 percent of these women were often concerned that they look heavy.  Even though this survey was done on a small scale, I’m sure many studies like it have been repeated and have found the same results.

Another disturbing fact is that the former Cosmopolitan editor Leah Hardy has admitted to editing photos of anorexic models to make them look healthier than they actually are. In my opinion, this only enables these women to continue their self-harm, because they’re still technically getting paid for being abnormally thin.  As cleverly stated at the end of this article, “advertisers are selling people insecurity”.


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