Cocaine for Lunch

It’s been known that many fashion models have used cocaine in order to suppress their appetite and to have enough energy to work all day on a voluntarily empty stomach.

This could be considered “old news,” but the issue is still occurring today. Cocaine hasn’t been erased from existence, and neither have expectations for models to be exceptionally thin. The use of this addicting drug (and others) has been widely accepted in the fashion industry and in some cases probably encouraged. In this article, a British model Lucy Clarkson reveals her first-hand experiences with these practices. She confirmed that there was widespread use of cocaine among everyone backstage during photo shoots or runway shows, and even told of a time when it was being served on a silver platter at a London Fashion Week event.

Many people remember when controversial pictures of the famous English model, Kate Moss, snorting cocaine were publicized in 2005. Many of the contracts she had with major companies, such as Dior, were unaffected by this incident. It seems as if they simply turned a blind eye to the matter, or perhaps they were cocaine users themselves. Dior even had a perfume named “Addict.”

What kind of example does this set for other models and young girls? It is so easy for them to start a dangerous habit, although the habit definitely does not come without consequences.  Kate Moss’s frequent partying and clear eating disorder has certainly had a toll on her appearance throughout the years. If you’re curious, the website below features pictures of her from each year during 1991-2011.


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