“Heroin Chic”

The term “Heroin chic” was coined in the 90s, when the fashion industry liked models that looked drug-addict thin with pale skin and dark circles underneath their eyes.  The most famous model that embodied this look was Kate Moss. But is “heroin chic” a passing trend, or is it still a desired look in fashion today? In the following article, “Heroin Chic is back,” Cara Dorris of the Brown Daily Herald argues that it is. She talks of the ridiculous diets of models, such as Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. Two weeks before shows, she would only consume liquids. The day before, she wouldn’t even drink anything.

Dorris also talks about the new trends she sees emerging on college campuses. Many women continue to go for a stick-thin figure that’s unattainable without an unhealthy lifestyle. She brings up how recently,  a young Australian male model, Andrej Pejic, has had a lot of success modeling women’s clothes due to his child-like, thin body. There is something wrong when the desired body for female models can be found in a very young, skinny male model. It’s quite ironic, because it is physically impossible for women to have such a curve-less and thin body without taking extreme and dangerous measures.

Since standards are set impossibly high, Dorris argues that the heroin chic look has returned. This topic is something that needs to be looked at due to the fact that women will continue to take drastic measures to make their bodies good enough for the fashion industry. We can’t forget that whatever these models do will also influence young girls all around the world.


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