The Body Type that Men Prefer

The modeling industry and its employers clearly favor women with tall, lanky, stick-figure bodies, but who else admires this look?  Does the average American man also long to have a romantic partner with barley any body fat and protruding bones? According to, this is definitely not the case.  They explain that thin women earn more in their careers (in fashion and TV), but a recent study reveals that men prefer women with an average weight and healthy body fat.

How could this be? Well, we can refer to biology for the answer. Women with wider hips, bigger breasts and a normal layer of fat are normally more fertile. It indicates to men that they are healthy, real and able to bear children.

These are important facts to keep in mind, because the media’s portrayal of the ideal body has become far too powerful and dangerous for so many young girls and women today. So why is the “clothes-hanger” body type so popular in the media/fashion industries?  Is the goal to portray something perfect and unattainable, or to put everyone else down? To make models appear out of reach, glamorous and larger-than-life to motivate people to spend more money?

No one can answer these questions definitively, and throughout this research blog, I have increasingly realized the seriousness of body image issues. Our nation and others have placed far too much importance on physical appearance. After all, many of our physical appearances convey nothing but superficial hints of our personalities. Everyone has so much beneath the surface that cannot be seen through a body, face or fashionable outfit.


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