Why do many girls feel like they were born with unfortunate appearances, only because they don’t have a natural “stick-figure” body that we see in many of today’s runway models? There are many aspects of modern society that have shaped these perfect standards of beauty, which are held very close to heart for some people, especially women.

What negative outcomes does this idea of beauty inflict on the public? These high standards have been known to push some people to extremes. It can lead to sicknesses of the body and the mind. I’m aware this topic can seem somewhat overdone, but in my opinion many people are overlooking the severity of the issue. There are many sub-topics to be looked at and many personal stories of women that stem from the issues of body image that can trigger deep emotions.

With this blog, I hope to shed some light on some sources of these problems and discuss what society can do to counteract these detrimental results.



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